Voiceflow Announces VFV2 Event with Major Updates

Feb 22nd, 2021Product
  • Voiceflow, a company that started building Alexa skills for children, has evolved to enable design and prototyping of voice apps.

  • Over 55,000 designers, developers, and teams use Voiceflow for creating conversational experiences, with a strong community support system.

  • A new phase, Voiceflow V2 (#VFV2), will be introduced at an annual product event featuring major company updates, product launches, and workflow enhancements.

  • The #VFV2 event is scheduled for February 22, 2021, at 2 pm EST, which will include a social gathering hosted by Dr. Teri Fisher.

  • Participants will be able to connect with the Voiceflow community, the team, and peers in the industry.

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