Stability AI Introduces SDXL 1.0 Image Model

Jul 26th, 2023Product
  • Stability AI releases SDXL 1.0, an advanced open image generation model, improving upon the earlier 0.9 version.

  • Features of SDXL 1.0 include high-quality image generation in any art style, exceptional photorealism, better color, contrast, and simple language prompts for detailed outputs.

  • Architectural innovation with a large parameter count, consisting of a 3.5B base and a 6.6B pipeline, enables robust and efficient image generation suitable for consumer GPUs.

  • The model facilitates easy fine-tuning with less data wrangling and has several task-specific control features currently in beta for future enhancement.

  • SDXL 1.0 is accessible via multiple platforms like ClipDrop and DreamStudio, with its weights and source code available on GitHub, and also through API on Stability AI Platform and AWS platforms.