Revolut Introduces 'Revolut Pro' for Freelancers

Sep 20th, 2022Product
  • Revolut launched a new feature called Revolut Pro designed for freelancers, gig workers, and the self-employed for income, payment, and expense management.

  • Revolut Pro offers a free business account within the Revolut retail app, complete with dedicated IBAN, 1% cashback debit card, and features like multi-currency payment acceptance.

  • In the UK and Ireland, users can utilize the Revolut Reader to accept physical card payments, streamlining transaction processes for self-employed professionals.

  • Revolut Pro allows for quick account setup, robust fund management without the need for a full business account, and is initially available in the UK and seven other European countries.

  • Maria Marti Garcia, Product Owner at Revolut, emphasized the product's relevance for the growing freelance and gig economy by improving ways to manage income and expenses.