GitLab Enhances AI-Powered DevSecOps

Nov 9th, 2023Product
  • GitLab announced the beta launch of GitLab Duo Chat and the upcoming release of GitLab Duo Code Suggestions to bolster security, efficiency, and collaboration in software development.

  • GitLab Duo Chat, part of the GitLab 16.6 release, offers real-time AI assistance to analyze code, fix security issues, and aid in various other development processes.

  • The GitLab Duo suite includes 14 AI capabilities like Suggested Reviewers, Code Suggestions, Vulnerability Summary, and more to reduce developer toolchain sprawl and optimize cycle times.

  • GitLab reports that only 25% of developers' time is spent writing code; GitLab Duo aims to improve productivity and cut software expenditure with AI integration.

  • Code Suggestions will be widely available in the GitLab 16.7 December product release, promising to help teams produce more secure software efficiently.